What I Play

Instruments: ​

Bb: Backun "Lumiere" Grenadilla wood with silver plated keywork
A: Backun "MoBa" Cocobolo wood with silver plated keywork
Eb Clarinet: Buffet R13 (Vintage, 1975)
Bass Clarinet: Buffet "Tosca"


Bb and A Clarinet: Hawkins/Backun Vocalise H Model
Eb Clarinet: Richard Hawkins B Model
Bass Clarinet: Hawkins/Backun Vocalise G Model


Bb and A Clarinet: Rovner "Versa" 
Eb Clarinet: Rovner "Versa"
Bass Clarinet: Rovner "Versa"


Bb and A Clarinet: Légère European Signature
Eb Clarinet: Légère European Signature
Bass Clarinet: Légère Signature